Voice Prompts for IVR, Telephony, Auto Attendant, On-Hold

  • Ready-to-load voice prompts in days
  • Pick an IVR voice and email a script
  • Female and male voice actors in over 100 languages
  • Perfect your caller experience and Voice Brand
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Narration for
E-Learning/Talent Development

  • High-quality recordings for any LMS or platform
  • Build highly-skilled, engaged teams
  • Globalize your workforce with international voices and translation
  • Maintain a consistent sound
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Custom Voice Personas: Branded Voices for Any Technology, Any Application

  • Recordings for lifelike text-to-speech and intelligent personal assistants
  • Sophisticated GPS/telematics, chatbots, and virtual avatars
  • Brand-consistent, custom personas
  • We partner with top developers
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CallQX: In-Queue Music & Messaging Platform for IVR and PBX

  • Caller chooses their preferred on-hold music
  • Contact centers create playlists and serve targeted in-queue messages
  • Improves call center metrics and helps you better manage costs and staffing
  • Lowers caller and agent frustration
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Voice Prompts for Any Media in Any Language

GM Voices humanizes speech applications with natural-sounding, voice actor-based audio solutions. From IVR/telephony voice prompts and voice-overs to on-hold marketing, voice narration for explainer videos, talent development content, mobile apps, virtual assistants, and much more, we connect companies with their audience in any language, any media and any market. GM Voices: Your Voice to the World.

Weekly Recording Sessions

Many of our voice actors record on the same day every week. Just email your script the day before your favorite voice records; you'll receive ready-to-load sound files the day after the recording session!
(All voice actors are available to record on-demand as well!)

The IVR Workshop Comes to Omaha September 17-18

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