Telling a Better Story for SalesTalk Technologies

Why Creative Business Storytelling is a Great Platform to Announce Your Solution

About SalesTalk Technologies

SalesTalk Technologies is a marketing and sales enablement provider, and developer of SalesTalk™, a game-changing, Cloud-based sales execution solution that helps account managers, sales managers and marketers better focus and track their sales communications and close more deals through innovative features and analytics synced directly to CRM. For more information, visit

The Problem with Your Presentation

Whether it’s on a call or webinar, or in person at your prospect’s office, there’s one thing that’s for certain—you’re going to struggle to maintain control over your message. In the business world, the sales cycle is usually extended, often complicated, and typically messy. Because people forget, or they share an inaccurate or shortened version of your (eloquent, comprehensive) sales pitch, you’re going to have to give the same presentation to new or even the same decision makers over and over again—or, worse—let your sale ride or die with your inside contact. And that’s a drag. What happens is that your solution is presented further up the organization, but not by you, with the sharpness, focus and effectiveness gone. Enter GM Voices and its creative, narrated storytelling services.

Getting Creative

What GM Voices is great at providing is a concise, engaging overview of your solution; a viral, graphical, narrated presentation that can be sent before or following your webinar, call or meeting. Instead of your contact relaying badly-taken notes, they instead forward the link and tell their colleagues to “watch this.” Now, your story stays consistent, clear and correct as it moves throughout the organization. And with a friendly narrator and colorful branded graphics, your multimedia appeal keeps viewers watching until the end.

GM Voices worked with SalesTalk to develop a script, visuals, and even some company branding in a memorable a/v presentation, fit for any prospecting or marketing application.

Sharing Your Story

While targeted sharing is key, you can’t discount the power of a viral breakthrough. In addition to distributing on a case-by-basis to intrigued prospects, SalesTalk Technologies widened its net by embedding the presentation in full (and in short snippets) throughout its website. The presentation was also shared through social media channels; LinkedIn in particular brought many additional views when posted to relevant industry group forums. The result? “I’m swimming in leads,” said Mark Daley, Vice President of Sales at SalesTalk Technologies. “I have more than I know what to do with.” Mission accomplished.

GM Voices’ Business Storytelling Services

From voice narration to live video, multimedia to creative scripting, GM Voices can help you tell your business story on almost any budget. For more information on how we can strengthen your event marketing, product training or eLearning efforts, contact us today at 770.752.4500 or