Closing the Deal with RSI

How professional voice enhances IVR and wins new business.

About Real Soft, Inc.

rsiIncorporated in 1991, Real Soft, Inc. (RSI) is a US-based global software solutions company; a pioneer in providing professional services and delivering business solutions. Their persistent focus is on forging strong relationships through service excellence and cost containment for customers. Real Soft, Inc. offers end-to-end software solutions across the financial services, telecom, retail, government, and healthcare domains. Expertise encompasses Interactive Voice Response, Customer Relationship Management, IP-based Voice Platforms, Computer Telephony Integration and Advanced Speech Recognition.

Identifying the Problem

RSI, in prospecting its IVR solutions, was seeing its offering negatively affected by non-professional voice demos. It’s a common hurdle for even the best IVR developers. A well-designed piece of software or voice user interface (VUI) will be unfairly judged if the voice recordings used to display the application are less than optimal. So, with two high-profile prospects in its sights, RSI sought professional recordings to highlight its capabilities, rather than gamble with an in-house talent. Known for specializing in audio VisionClips, ideally-recorded prompt and menu script examples, GM Voices began a dialogue with RSI to see how professional voice could help close the deals.

Assessment and Investigation: Voice Prompts for Vertical Markets

During a strategic meeting, GM Voices learned about RSI’s prospective customers, a major pharmacy and health care insurance provider. The system software was also identified: Avaya’s open source solution, Voice Portal. Having created voice personas in the healthcare industry for years, GM Voices determined that the best way to get a contract signed would come from presenting its most successful voice actors from that industry.

Fixing the Problem

In addition to providing audio VisionClip samples with the most healthcare-appropriate talent, GM Voices also supplied RSI with a standard vocabulary of audio files for the Voice Portal system (numbers, days, months and other commonly-used concatenated prompts). This created a fully-realized, ideal user experience that spotlighted the functionality of RSI’s platform while complementing it with expertly-recorded audio.

Functionality and Sound: IVR’s One-two Punch

The result? A smashing success. Both prospects contracted with RSI. And the VisionClip presentations made such an impact that GM Voices now provides the voice prompts for both companies. “Taking our proven solutions and adding the Voice Branding element from GM Voices has proven to be very effective,” said Guy Miller, VP of RSI’s Speech Enterprise Division. “RSI is long established as a top provider of commercial IVR applications, and GM Voices truly brings our work to life in the eyes of our prospects—their voice actors perfectly complement our efforts.”