What is a Voice Brand?

Your “brand” is built one contact at a time.
Your “Voice Brand” is built one phone call at a time.

Corporations spend billions of dollars each year building and protecting their brands.

These companies have created simple and easy-to-understand brand images in the eyes of their customers. However, when prospects and customers call to buy, that branded image is not visible.

The world’s leading brands are immediately recognizable: Coca-Cola, Nike, McDonalds and FedEx. When these companies have a “touchpoint” with their customers over the phone, the experience is consistent with their global brand image.

All too often, decisions on automated call handling are made at the local level and rarely support the carefully crafted strategic marketing message so evident in other customer contact channels.

Your “brand” is built one contact at time. Your Voice Brand is built one phone call at a time.

What percentage of your company’s customer contact is by telephone? For many organizations, the phone is THE primary customer contact channel. Doesn’t it make sense to pay attention to this critical link with the customer?

“I was immediately impressed as I talked with GM Voices through their account manager. The questions that he asked and recommendations that he made provided that extra guidance and confidence that he understood the professional image that we desired. I never heard once that something could not be done but heard that they could help to provide and would ensure that we were completely satisfied with our end product.”
– Darlene Zoccola, Deloitte & Touche