Neutral Spanish: The North American IVR Standard

GM Voices Connects You With Any North American Spanish-Language Audience

The US Spanish-speaking population is expected to triple over the next forty years. As this market grows in size and influence, GM Voices is helping smart companies pave the way for current and future success by improving the Spanish-language customer experience.

For years, GM Voices has provided the Fortune 1000 community with what we call Neutral Spanish voice prompts. Neutral Spanish is a domestic standard that eliminates regional-specific words, inflections and accents. It’s the Spanish equivalent of the unaccented Midwestern English style that is favored on most applications. No matter whether your calling audience is Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican or of any other national origin, GM Voices’ neutral Spanish ensures that your automation will be accepted by your disparate Spanish-speaking customers.

And like our US English voice talent, GM Voices offers many neutral Spanish voice talent in our weekly session program, giving companies our most economical rates, fast turnarounds and a predictable production process.

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GM Voices History with Spanish Recordings

Recording Session Sample Video