Establish Local Market Credibility

GM Voices Helps you Speak the Local Language

world flagsQuite often, our clients are making their first leap into global markets, and may be unaware of the differences and challenges of concatenating in multiple languages. Many languages have class and gender-specific phrases as well as multiple number sets. This context is immediately recognizable to the listener, who may be insulted if he or she is addressed with the wrong gender or class.

GM Voices takes pride in being able to translate and record your international projects in a manner that ensures local market acceptance and credibility.

We can record in any language with our International Preferred Voice Talents. Like our local Preferred Voice Talent, they are contracted for long-term availability at economical rates so that you can update your voice prompts on an ongoing basis.

We’re dedicated to providing the best possible translations for the spoken word, within the context of your playback concatenations and with the best practices of modern telephony applied. We guarantee consistency in terminology and grammar throughout the project as well as its ongoing revisions.

That’s why GM Voices has built the most extensive network of translators, voice actors, voice coaches, and recording engineers in the international voice recording industry. In fact, we translate and record in over 100 languages and dialects!

One call to GM Voices gives you access to authentic voice actors for use in voice prompts, automated voice systems, IVR, and corporate presentations anywhere in the world.

“When we decided to take our products into other countries, it was clear that we needed help. Luckily for us, GM Voices was already our domestic language vendor. They took our existing products, literature, and website into all of our target markets. The feedback we have received has been great and our overseas distribution channels couldn’t be happier!”
– David Edwards, Telematics Engineering Specialist