Business Voice Narration

Give Your Video a Professional Sound in Any Language

Does your company have a live video production, an animated or graphical video, or even a go-to PowerPoint or Flash presentation? Your visuals might be stellar, but if your voice and audio component isn’t up to par, you’ve missed the mark with your viewing audience. Offering female and male voice actors of all sounds and styles in over 100 languages, GM Voices helps you tell an engaging story with friendly and professional voiceovers for any type of video project.

Use Voiceover for Video to Carry or Supplement Your Story

A professional voiceover can benefit your video in any scope or scale. Most graphical videos rely on a single voice to carry the narrative; others use multiple character voices. GM Voices can meet both needs. If your video features an on-camera actor or spokesperson, use a complementary narrator to supplement the story in cutaway scenes, an introduction, or a call to action.

Video Narration

International Languages: New Life in New Markets

So, you’ve produced a successful video for your American or domestic market. Now it’s time to take that same content to international markets with local credibility. With GM Voices’ translation expertise and enormous international voice roster, we help companies get an even greater ROI on their video investment.

Let Us Handle the A/V Work

GM Voices offers a turn-key video voiceover solution. Just provide your original video content; we’ll track on the audio or replace any original recordings with the professional voiceover. Additional narration-type services include video overdubbing or subtitling, and our comprehensive business storytelling services offer both the voice and visual components at extremely reasonable prices. Ask your Account Manager for additional information!

Voice Samples
English International
Spanish (Abril)
French (Moselle)
Quebecois (Brigitte)
German (Harald)
Japanese (Sumire)
Mandarin* (Huia)

*Mandarin is an On-Demand language. Please contact your account manager for more details.