Movember ‘Stache Bash 2014

Furry Face Battles for Men’s Health

The moustache population multiplied exponentially at GM Voices (and all over the world) last month. Movember, a cause GM Voices has supported for four years, is all about raising awareness for men’s health. And honestly, what’s manlier than flaunting your ability to grow a moustache?

This year, the creative team at GM Voices stepped out of the box, creating ‘Stache Bash, an intense competition that got a little hairy. Throughout the month formerly known as November, we released several videos where two burly brawlers battled with moustache-born bravado. The winner of each round was based on the person who received the most votes from viewers.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the videos, well, there’s no excuse for that. But you can relive the complete competition with our playlist in this handy newsletter.

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