Getting Fit for a New Year

GM Voices’ Wellness Program Promotes Healthy Lifestyles


At the end of October 2013, we concluded our three-month Weight Loss Challenge, the inaugural campaign of Sound Living, our company-wide wellness initiative. Our participants challenged themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally to reach their health goals. The cash prizes might have been a minor incentive, but it was up to them to stay strong throughout the competition.

The Sound Living Winners!

The Sound Living Winners!

We are proud to announce our first place $500 winners from the GM Voices Team – Melanie and her husband Bryan. Also referred to as Team St. Clair! Additional congrats to Winnie and Irina for second and third place finishes, respectively.

So, as we say farewell to 2013 and embrace the New Year (some of us more than others), we’re preparing to introduce new fitness programs for 2014. It’s less about crossing off the “get fit” New Year’s resolutions and more about maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen for years to come. Stay tuned for more information on our wellness challenges and results! With everyone in the company receiving Fitbits (fitness trackers) at our year-end party, I’m sure we’ll all be running marathons in no time at all!

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