Talent Spotlight: Brigitte

French Canadian for Any Project

female talent spotlight imageIf you’re deploying a large IVR application in North America, it’s now almost essential that you offer callers a French Canadian voice option in addition to English and Neutral Spanish. For this newsletter, we spotlight Brigitte, one of our French Canadian voice actors offered in our weekly sessions.

Brigitte has extensive experience as a professional voice talent for major corporations worldwide and for smaller local businesses, even for the United Nations.

She excels in narration, dubbing and lip-synching, and lends her voice to all kinds of promotional, industrial, instructional and educational videos, TV and radio spots, Web commercials, video games and cartoons, and, of course, IVR systems and telephony applications.

With a master’s degree in French literature, she first worked as a professor of literature and theatre. These were her first steps towards “performing.”

With a strong knowledge of linguistics and phonetics, and a warm outgoing personality, she started a new career in the voice-over business when she moved to New York City.

Since then, she honed her skills by working on a large variety of projects, from the driest, most technical or scientific scripts to the warmest, most smiley or witty TV or radio commercials.

Sample Brigitte’s voice here:

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