Talent Spotlight 1: Jayde Goes Weekly

You’ll Be Green with Envy Once You Listen to Our New Weekly Spanish Talent

Has cost prevented you from using a professional Spanish voice on your IVR or technology application? GM Voices’ weekly recording sessions ensure that you get the most economical pricing and fastest turnarounds possible.

Introducing Jayde, one of our Spanish voice actors recently added to the weekly roster. Choose Jayde’s crisp, natural-sounding voice and deliver an exceptional customer experience to your Spanish-language audience. Sample Jayde’s voice below.

Jayde Sample 1
Jayde Sample 2

Said Jayde, on working with GM Voices:

“I’ve been working with GM Voices since 2009. They are a very professional, talented and fun group of people. A lot of the work I do is remote, but it has never felt that way! They always make us feel like they are right there with you, and part of the GM Voices family–through the miracle of ISDN!

I look forward to more projects, scripts, engineers, studios and clients every week!”

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