Talent Spotlight: All Hail Hilorie!

Does Your Company Serve a French-Speaking Audience in North America?

canadaDid you know that seven million Canadians speak French as a first language, and that 22% of the population speaks French exclusively? Smart North American companies know this is a critical demographic that needs to be engaged with credibility and professionalism. So, allow us to introduce you to Hilorie! As a GM Voices French Canadian talent, Hilorie may have the perfect sound for your French-speaking Canadian customers!

You can sample her voice below, and after listening, the only thought that will be on your mind is “magnifique”!

“My experience with GM Voices has been a very productive one with their organized, effective and friendly team. It has been a long-term business relationship with an incredible team that will continue to blossom with a French touch! I love what I do and will continue as long as my voice will permit it.”

Hilorie Sample 1
Hilorie Sample 2
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