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Fall 2013

How GM Voices Recorded the Voice of Siri

The Voice of Siri Has Been Revealed; Here’s How It Came to Life

With over 40 Text-to-Speech (TTS) voices recorded for technology companies in almost 20 languages, GM Voices makes sure that automated voice applications sound more friendly and engaging, whether the sound files are naturally recorded or concatenated (combined) by software. Recording a voice for TTS playback can be described in a few words: thorough, exhaustive, exhausting. But the end result, a great user experience for our partners and clients, speaks for itself. While we can’t go into too many specifics—non-disclosure agreements and such—we can say it involves recording lots and lots of things in almost every way imaginable.

One of the voice actors we’ve worked with for a long time, Susan Bennett of Atlanta, recently came forward to a talk about a TTS application she worked on several years ago, which later became the foundation of Apple’s Siri.

Read CNN’s exclusive feature detailing Susan’s story, as well as GM Voices’ involvement in the recording project.

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Introducing Our New Website!

Clean, Bold and Full of Great Info – Explore the New!

Looking at this quarterly newsletter, you may have noticed a change. GM Voices recently launched its new website! With a crisp, clean look and user-friendly design, gives you the information you need to make an informed decision about the way you shape your Voice Brand and customer experience. So, after you check out our latest news, be sure to read our white papers, see the cool things we’re doing with translation/localization, and, of course, listen to some voice samples. Let us know what you think!

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How to Make a Computer Talk

GMV Spotlighted for TTS Development Article in The Verge

Thousands of pages, hundreds of thousands of words, weeks at a time. This is how a Text-to-Speech voice is developed. That’s the short, boring version. For the detailed (and extremely interesting) version, check out this article featuring GM Voices and one of our voice actors used to create a TTS voice for IVONA.

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Watch Our New Video Overview!

Engaging, Fun and Creative: GM Voices Helps You Tell Your Story More Effectively

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Salli Upgraded to GMV Weekly Talent

Looking for a Friendly, Versatile Female Voice? Look No Further

voice talent imageIt’s one of our favorite things, when we can build a book of business for our voice actors so they can record with us on the same day each week. And it’s just happened with our talent Salli, who will now be in session every Monday. It’s great for GM Voices and Salli, but just as awesome for you, because you can now take advantage of her versatile voice in economical bundled sessions. And if you ever need voice updates, she’ll be available ongoing, so you can easily work it into your business processes.

Sample Salli’s voice below, and talk to us about booking her for your next project!

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Case Study: A Better Event Demo for SpeechStorm

Use Creative Audio to Improve Your Business Presentation

speechstorm_g-forceLet’s face facts: most business presentations just aren’t that good. Most presenters rely on tired slide decks when creative multimedia solutions are more readily accessible and affordable than ever before.

SpeechStorm was already ahead of the curve when they demoed a creative IVR audio scenario at Genesys’ G-Force show in Boca Raton. But when GM Voices stepped in to lend a professional recording polish, the demo really took off at G-Force Vienna.

Read our complete case study, and check out these before and after clips. Let us know how we can assist in your business presentation efforts!

SpeechStorm Event Demonstration
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We Hosted a SOCAP Event!

“Using Video to Instruct, Train, Automate and Sell” – Learn How to Use Video Effectively in Your Organization

With over 30 guests and tons of great networking, food and drink, and three high-value learning sessions geared around new business video applications, GM Voices’ SOCAP Georgia event was a big success! Stay tuned for our event video documentary, video company overviews, and high-quality photos in our next newsletter!




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GMV Gets Furry for Third-Annual Movember

Raising Awareness and Funds for Men’s Health

For the third glorious year, the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas of GM Voices have come together as one to grow magnificent moustaches (just the fellas) and fight the good fight against men’s cancers (everyone).

Please consider a small donation to our Movember group as we groom, wax, pluck, and grow our way into the annals of fine moustachery.

If you don’t know much about Movember, watch this short introduction video.

It’s not too late to hop aboard the moustache train. Swift, silent, hairy. Heed the call!

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GM Voices Heads West for SOCAP Annual Conference

Voice Branding, eLearning and Translation/Localization Solutions for the World’s Largest Consumer Brands

Following a fun and successful trip to New Orleans for the SOCAP Spring Symposium, GM Voices returned to rub elbows with our favorite customer care professionals at the SOCAP Annual Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. We had a great time seeing new and familiar faces and discussing what our comprehensive translation services could do for some of the world’s largest consumer brands!

Before the conference, we produced SOCAP’s event registration promotional video. Check it out!

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Just Some Cool Guys with iPads

GM Voices Brings New Voice Demos to SpeechTEK

By combining iPad technology with Bluetooth-enabled Beat Pill speakers, GM Voices team members Jay Steinworth and “Coach” Michael Hayhurst brought the mobility, the noise, and the funk to SpeechTEK 2013 in NYC. Here are a few choice snaps of these cool guys demoing these nifty devices at the booth.

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