Talent Spotlight: Robin

female talent spotlight imageClear, confident, professional. All of these words describe GM Voices’ Robin, an up-and-coming U.S. English voice talent. With her fresh sound and versatility, Robin is fast establishing herself as one of our most well-regarded voices in client auditions and real-world applications. As one of our most attractively-priced voices, Robin is a great business decision for friendly IVR, steady narration and clear eLearning recordings.

“What I love about my work in voice acting and voice over is the process of bringing a client’s message to life, as well as the experience of working with each client.  I can’t say enough great things about my partnership with GM Voices. I remember when they first built their studios years ago and how impressed I was with not only their facilities but their expertise and professionalism in what they do and how they do it. Working with GM Voices and their clients has been and continues to be an absolute pleasure and I’m excited to continue growing with them as I know that the coming year will bring about great things!”

Sample Robin’s Voice:

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