Persona Samples – One Voice Talent, Different Styles

Our professional voice actors inhabit the persona to fit your brand.

A voice persona is a fictionalized biography and set of voice traits that guide our voice actors in the recording studio. It’s literally the humanization of a brand image; a voice to the marketplace. Creating a persona (an essential component of a Voice Branding Initiative) helps our voice actors adapt their sound to best serve your customers. As you can hear, GM Voices offers many voice talent who can tailor their performance to your specific requirements.

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Talent: April

Persona: Bailey
Bailey is an art student and photographer working at a local portrait studio. She photographs all sorts of things including headshots, family portraits and the odd pet or two. But the highlight of her day- the children! They’re so cheerful and easily amused by her goofy faces and the antics pulled to coax a smile out of them. For Bailey, there’s nothing more rewarding than capturing that look, that smile that mom will cherish for a lifetime. Bailey’s voice is friendly and reassuring, immediately putting both children and adults at ease in her presence.

Listen to Bailey:
Sample Greeting by Bailey:

Persona: Catherine
Catherine is a librarian at the local library. The quiet, bookish type by nature, she revels in the peace and tranquility the library offers. This former history major has a thirst for knowledge and takes great joy in helping others in their quest for the same. Need a book on photosynthesis? Colonialism? Roman architecture? Catherine can definitely offer a helpful suggestion and show you just where to find what you’re looking for. She peaks with a serious yet friendly tone, both knowledgeable and authoritative.

Listen to Catherine:
Sample Greeting by Catherine:

Persona: Sonya
Sonya is a hardworking, enterprising young woman. Smart as a whip, she works at the local newspaper managing their website and e-edition of the paper. She’s a web design genius, flying through lines of code and effortlessly crafting user interfaces. In her spare time, Sonya takes on freelance projects- racking up a slew of satisfied clients and industry contacts that she hopes will one day lead to her owning her own web design firm. Sonya speaks in a calm, cool manner, commanding yet approachable.

Listen to Sonya:
Sample Greeting by Sonya:

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Talent: Ashley

Persona: Katy
In her teens, Katy’s life revolves around her clothes, her hair, and boys. (Friends are important, too.) She’s a little too girly for sports that require getting in the dirt, so cheering is her hobby of choice. Katy speaks with an outgoing, happy, and confident voice. She loves her life, and likes to pass on a smile to those she interacts with.

Listen to Katy:
Sample Greeting by Katy:

Persona: Jennifer
A recent college grad, Jennifer is young and having the time of her life. She’s doing great at her first job, and still spends a lot of time with her friends on the weekends. Jennifer is the perfect chameleon: she knows how to portray herself as professional, intelligent, and sophisticated, but she can also reveal a more energetic, fun, and lively side of herself in the right environment.

Listen to Jennifer:
Sample Greeting by Jennifer:

Persona: Susie
Susie is a 31 year-old professional dance instructor. She had a baby six months ago, with her husband of three years and is just getting back to work. Susie is always peaceful, poised, and graceful. A little free-spirited, Susie loves to be herself. Her voice is soothing, polite, and inviting.

Listen to Susie:
Sample Greeting by Susie:

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Talent: Ashton

Persona: Kyle
Kyle is a recent college graduate who has just landed his dream job as a copywriter at an interactive ad agency. He considers himself pretty hip, but he doesn’t make a big deal about it. He’s vibrant and full of energy; there’s so much in life to look forward to! His voice is a great fit for forward-thinking and youthfully-branded companies.

Listen to Kyle:
Sample Greeting by Kyle:

Persona: Jake
Jake is a newly-promoted call center manager for a mid-size telecommunications firm. Having been with the company since he graduated from college, Jake rose quickly up the ranks due to his even temperament, friendly demeanor and people skills. He recently proposed to girlfriend, Sally, and she accepted! Jake’s happy with work and life, and that shines through over the phone.

Listen to Jake:
Sample Greeting by Jake:

Persona: John
John is a junior in college. He’s a competitive and assertive personality. Juggling lots of activities, he doesn’t slow down very often. He’s young, but speaks with a confident and assured tone.

Listen to John:
Sample Greeting by John:

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Talent: Brenden

Persona: Hank
Hank is a 37 year-old Senior Financial Analyst. Always loyal, Hank has been with the same company for almost ten years. His wife and daughters, Hannah and Leah, love visiting him at his office. Hank is a little shy, but always engaging when he talks to others. Hank speaks with a warm, affectionate tone. He is very easy-going and compassionate.

Listen to Hank:
Sample Greeting by Hank:

Persona: Chris
Chris was born a leader. He loves taking control of any situation, which has been helpful in his business career. He is the Operations Manager of a mid-size clothing production facility. Chris never has a problem addressing issues. He has a commanding, take-charge kind of attitude that translates into confidence and professionalism in his voice. He speaks clearly and precisely.

Listen to Chris:
Sample Greeting by Chris:

Persona: Eddie
Successful in medical equipment sales, Eddie is outgoing, energetic, and confident. He enjoys talking to new people. He’s quick to get a smile out of anyone. At 35, he still hasn’t lost his optimistic outlook on life. There’s a good side to every story, in Eddie’s opinion. He conveys charisma when he speaks and his voice is enthusiastic, enjoyable and pleasant; just like him.

Listen to Eddie:
Sample Greeting by Eddie:

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Talent: Callie

Persona: Mary
Mary is a stay-at-home mother of three. In her late thirties, her days are spent preparing lunches and car-pooling the kids to soccer and ballet. She is naturally patient and loving, and most of Mary’s time is spent taking care of her family and her two dogs, Patches and Peanut. Her voice is warm, affectionate, and soothing; putting everyone at ease when she interacts with them.

Listen to Mary:
Sample Greeting by Mary:

Persona: Bridget
Sophisticated, intelligent, and enthusiastic, Bridget is the epitome of success. In her early forties, Bridget has worked hard to earn her CEO position at a major law firm. She speaks in a confident and professional manner. Bridget is also empathetic, so her professional tones are conveyed easily in a friendly manner.

Listen to Bridget:
Sample Greeting by Bridget:

Persona: Tina
Sophisticated, intelligent, and enthusiastic, Bridget is the epitome of success. In her early forties, Bridget has worked hard to earn her CEO position at a major law firm. She speaks in a confident and professional manner. Bridget is also empathetic, so her professional tones are conveyed easily in a friendly manner.

Listen to Tina:
Sample Greeting by Tina:

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Talent: Danielle

Persona: Debra
Debra’s in her 40s. She’s hardworking and driven, managing to earn her degree one night class at a time while raising a young daughter. Now that her daughter’s getting ready to go off to college and she’s finally at a point in her career where she wants to be, Debra’s taken up teaching at the local university, hoping to lend her expertise to other hardworking adult students. She speaks in a succinct and authoritative manner, but with kindness and understanding—striking a cool balance between shrewd businesswoman, loving mother and compassionate teacher.

Listen to Debra:
Sample Greeting by Debra:

Persona: Sam
Sam is a vibrant 30-something woman. She was a bit wild in her youth but has experienced some major changes in her life these past couple years. She’s found that dream job, gotten married, and is absolutely loving life. Where she used to go out with her girlfriends, Sam’s now realizing that hosting a dinner party and entertaining at home can be just as fun. She’s matured but still retains that carefree air that her friends and family have come to love about her. Sam speaks in an upbeat, casual tone that makes her so likeable by all.

Listen to Sam:
Sample Greeting by Sam:

Persona: Molly
Molly’s the nicest person you’ll ever meet. She’s the type of person who puts everyone else’s needs before her own—selfless and giving. Molly is a registered nurse who spends her time caring for Senior Citizens at the local retirement home. She enjoys her work and the sense of fulfillment that comes with it. She hopes to go on to medical school so that she can become a doctor and help even more people! Her patience and caring manner make her ideally suited for this job. Molly speaks with a calm, reassuring tone that instantly puts people at ease.

Listen to Molly:
Sample Greeting by Molly:

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Talent: Emily

Persona: Megan
Devoted to serving others, Megan is a registered nurse and likes to spend extra time volunteering for non-profit organizations. Giving is something that comes naturally to her. She has a soothing, calming voice that puts others at ease instantly. In her early forties, Megan still hasn’t met “the one,” which is perfectly fine with her. She loves her life how it is and enjoys having a lot of free time that she can use to volunteer.

Listen to Megan:
Sample Greeting by Megan:

Persona: Lauryn
Not your average mom, Lauryn is in her late thirties and performs regularly in theatres near her community. Acting has been a long-time passion of hers. She wasn’t willing to give up a family for her career, though, so she never made it to Hollywood. But Lauryn is happy having the best of both worlds. She projects her voice easily and confidently on stage and off. She speaks with enthusiasm, strength, and clarity.

Listen to Lauryn:
Sample Greeting by Lauryn:

Persona: Leah
Grounded, down-to-earth, and friendly, Leah is the perfect veterinarian. She always knew what she wanted to be growing up. She falls in love with every animal she sees. Her clients always trust her opinion, because they can see that Leah is honest and intelligent. Her voice is calm, respectful and mature.

Listen to Leah:
Sample Greeting by Leah:

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Talent: Joey

Persona: Dave
Dave is a gifted entrepreneur. He started his own business right out of college and has been going full steam ahead ever since. In his mid-thirties, he has already accomplished many goals, but also understands the importance of taking time to relax. His voice is strong, professional, and informational, but with a relaxing edge.

Listen to Dave:
Sample Greeting by Dave:

Persona: Thomas
Laid back, intelligent, and helpful: that’s Thomas. He is the owner/manager of a small-town garage. He is never in a hurry, and prefers to take his time to ensure he gets things right. He always explains tasks well to his employees, and enjoys giving them advice. His voice is relaxed, kind, and intelligent. He speaks clearly and easily to ensure he is understood.

Listen to Thomas:
Sample Greeting by Thomas:

Persona: Zack
Zack is full of personality. He is enthusiastic, engaging and interactive. He is a manager of a sporting goods store, where he considers his customers his friends. He always takes the time to get to know others. And who wouldn’t want to know Zack? He’s got a friendly, charismatic and enthusiastic voice.

Listen to Zack:
Sample Greeting by Zack:

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Talent: Kendra

Persona: Veronica
Veronica just turned 40, and can’t seem to grasp the idea of no longer being a thirty-something. Veronica is a professional airline pilot. She flies all around the world and has mastered the professional, comforting sound all pilots seem to share. It comes in handy when addressing her passengers. She’s away from home a lot, but that doesn’t bother her. Never one to settle down, her only attachments to home are her two cats, Missy and Buttons. Veronica’s voice is calm and reliable; when she speaks, you believe what she says.

Listen to Veronica:
Sample Greeting by Veronica:

Persona: Sandra
Sandra does is all. She’s a professional attorney, mother of two, devoted wife, and loyal friend. She’s in her late thirties, and her kids are in elementary school. Her life is a complete balancing act between all the roles she plays. Sandra thrives on the activity; it just makes her that much more productive. She speaks with energy, assertiveness, and power, without being intimidating. She’s confident; never cocky.

Listen to Sandra:
Sample Greeting by Sandra:

Persona: Claire
Claire is a fifth grade teacher at her local elementary school. Claire is a natural disciplinarian, which is probably why she is such a good educator. She understands the value in teaching and communicating well with others. She speaks in a compassionate, but authoritative manner. She always wants to put people at ease, but she understands that it can be necessary to be in control.

Listen to Claire:
Sample Greeting by Claire:

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