Narration Samples – In-Context Storytelling

Enhance the Way You Speak to Customers and Prospects

At GM Voices, we’re not limited to short voice prompts for phones or commands for in-car systems. We help companies tell their story more effectively with natural-sounding, brand-consistent voice recordings for any media, including business presentations, Web videos, and much more.

Here are a few samples of our talent voice actors reading from business narration-style scripts. Envision how a professional voice could enliven and improve your story, then gives us a call to discuss the options.

Preferred Voice Actors
English International
Spanish (Abril)
French (Moselle)
Quebecois (Brigitte)
German (Harald)
Japanese (Sumire)
Mandarin* (Huia)

*Mandarin is an On-Demand language. Please contact your account manager for more details.


Weekly Sessions

With GM Voices’ weekly recording sessions, getting a high-quality, brand-consistent narration has never been faster or more economical. By selecting a Preferred Voice Actor, you ensure fast and predictable turnaround times on ready-to-load audio.

Weekly Sessions at GM Voices

**Next-day turnarounds for small orders only. Contact your account manager for additional information.