What Does It Take to Be a Voice Talent for GM Voices?

We’re Serious About the Professionals We Choose to Represent Us

Think back to when you were kid and all you could think about was growing up to be a fireman, a doctor, or a CEO. But what about the people who chose the voice over industry as their career choice? This profession is more behind the scenes but it requires a significant amount of training because it isn’t something just anyone can do.

girl mic

As a company that has established itself based on the ability to provide clients with exceptional voice performances, GM Voices realizes the importance of hiring voice actors who know how to bring a script to life. Over the years, we’ve brought in voice actors who have shown us they excel in this craft and they continue to prove it time and time again. When we tell our customers we have over 900 voice talent waiting for them to choose from, we make sure they know each person in our database is professionally trained and has been hand-selected by our team.

However, we’re always keeping an eye out for those pursuing a career in voice over and want to provide them with helpful resources that can guide them through their developmental process as a voice actor. So, we’ve put together this page of articles. One day, your name may be the next one we add to our roster!

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