Voice Branding for a Global Economy: The More You Grow, the More You Should Know

Voice Prompt Recording and Language Localization for Emerging International Markets

If your firm is expanding (or considering expansion) into international markets, you may have your roadmap already figured out. Certainly, Spanish and French Canadian are essential for North America, and Western Europe is often the first stop for American corporations.

But don’t overlook emerging markets, those that are currently experiencing rapid growth and industrialization. GM Voices helps your contact center operations enter these countries with local market credibility. Many international languages have class- and gender-specific phrases as well as multiple number sets; this context is immediately recognizable to the listener, who may be insulted if he or she is addressed with the wrong gender or class.

So, where are these emerging markets? Some are obvious, others unexpected. China, Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico, South Korea, Indonesia, and Turkey are listed as the top eight emerging markets based on nominal GDP.

China and India are considered the largest emerging markets in the world. China, having the second largest economy behind the United States, has a nominal GDP of approximately 7.47 trillion dollars. With Mandarin Chinese spoken by over 70% of the population and more native speakers (nearly a billion) than any other language, this is one language market that shouldn’t be left off your Voice Branding initiative.  GM Voices can help you reach this audience with an authentic Mandarin Chinese voice for use in voice prompts, automated voice systems, IVR, and business presentations.

During the next four decades, India is expected to grow its GDP 8% EVERY YEAR, putting it on track to be the world’s fastest growing major economy until 2050.  With over 1.2 billion residents and more than twenty-two official languages, companies must do their homework to ensure that a regionally-authentic customer experience be delivered to its Indian markets.

Here at GM Voices, we offer region-specific language dialects that can help you connect with your target market, however challenging it may seem. Along with Hindi, we also offer regional dialects such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam for any application.

So, if you’re ready to take the next step and get serious about authentic, natural-sounding Voice Brands for emerging markets, contact GM Voices today!

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