The War Against Robots Begins Now.

GM Voices leads the charge to destroy these customer connection killing machines once and for all.

In the landmark 1984 science fiction movie Terminator, we learned of a dystopian near-future where humans battled the very robots that were meant to make their lives easier. Wow, James Cameron knows his stuff, doesn’t he? BECAUSE THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Not robots that killed people literally, just robot voices that alienated and frustrated callers on automated phone systems, killing the overall customer experience. The reality may actually be more dramatic.

Well, GM Voices has decided to go John Connor on these robo reps. We’re leading the resistance. Customers need saving from these unnatural-sounding voices. Businesses need saving from this ill-advised Voice Branding. We can help.

To rally more troops in our fight against robots, we unveil the first episode in a video series meant to raise awareness and incite action. GM Voices presents “Terminate Your Robot Voice” (episode 1).

Watch it and join the fight.

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