The Fitness Tracking Craze Has a Hold on Us

Our Next Sound Living Challenge is Starting Soon!

With the increased popularity of fitness trackers, people are becoming more aware of how their habits affect their health. As a company, we decided to incorporate one of the more popular devices, the Fitbit, into our wellness program. We launched our first Fitbit competition in February of this year and after the feedback we received, we decided to take another crack at it. Our next competition, Fitbit 2.0, will start tomorrow, August 8 and end in October.

This specific challenge is a chance for us to encourage each other to move more and realize that a few changes in our routine will not only benefit us now, but positively affect our overall health in years to come. There a few ways this fitness challenge is going to differ from the previous one, but we’re excited for it to start! Don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated!

fitbit 2.0 feet

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