Team Spotlight Series: Michael Hayhurst

“Coach” Calls All the Plays in Production

Over the past four years, Michael Hayhurst has steadily climbed the ranks within GM Voices, proving more and more indispensable for his finely-attuned ear, business acumen, broad operations knowledge and hard work. Mike started in 2007 as a part-time audio engineer, not even yet out of the Art Institute of Atlanta, where he would graduate in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production. Today, he oversees the work of eight full- and part-time engineers as GM Voices’ Production Manager.

As our all-purpose floor general, Mike assigns editing jobs, handles escalations, serves as liaison between sales and production, participates in upper management meetings, and even makes time to edit and deliver voice prompts when we’re in a crunch. He also dabbles in multimedia production and IT! Recognizing that we have a modern day renaissance man in our employ, GMV was wise to select Mike as its “Nulli Secundus” (second to none) award winner for 2010.

“My second favorite part of working at GM Voices is the hiring. My favorite part is the firing,” said a joking Mike. “But seriously, I enjoy working with a talented group of engineers who can be both relaxed and professional. It can get hectic sometimes, and I appreciate everyone staying calm and good-natured during the craziness.”

Around the office, Mike is known as “Coach,” a moniker that was born from his management of the company softball team. It’s an inclusive nickname that has stuck around; he now leads the audio team in much the same way, though he has traded his jersey for wide assortment of Apt. 9 menswear from Kohl’s.

“I love working at GM Voices, but I one day see myself becoming the CEO of the Apt. 9 clothing brand.”

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