Storytelling Isn’t Just Kids’ Stuff

Your Company’s Story Plays a Role in Attracting and Maintaining Customers; How Can You Tell It Better?

The Boy Who Cried Wolf. The expedition of Louis and Clark. Those imaginative games you played to pass the time on family road trips. These are all stories we’ve heard or told at some point in our life. But what comes to mind when you think about your company’s story?

Every company has a story, but customers may not know it because it isn’t being presented to them properly. Whether it’s refining your existing customer touch points, or creating new resources to get the word out, GM Voices can help you share your story more effectively.

Business Storytelling encompasses many things, one of them of course being Voice Branding. From automated phone applications to voice narration for multimedia, you need a friendly, brand-consistent voice to tell your story. With tons of voices to choose from, GM Voices can deliver the right sound for your business.

But before the voice even factors into the equation, you need the right message. GM Voices’ talented writers can help you craft the perfect script for your audience, regardless of media.

Then, what about your visuals? Smart companies are now using videos, graphics and animation to better tell their story in the marketplace. With a full suite of video storytelling, desktop publishing and translation services, GM Voices can connect you with your customers with greater engagement and credibility in any international language market.

With the convergence of voice, visuals and technology, the possibilities are greater than ever before to tell your company’s story with impact. Before you put your brand image on the line, think about what it’ll take to get the job done right. And let GM Voices step in when you’re ready to brainstorm!

Watch some of the videos we’ve done to better understand how we can help!

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