“Razor” Hands Up for Movember, the Month of Manliness

Mo Awareness, Mo Funding for Men’s Health; Join Us My Brothers!

On the first day of the month formerly called November, GM Voices joined the Movember movement for the third glorious time. We’ve abandoned “November” so we can fully dedicate ourselves to the important issues of men’s health awareness and cancer research. We encourage you to likewise adjust your lexicon, educate yourself, and join us on this furry crusade.

As a company, we take part in Movember every year to see how much we’re able to raise and educate. The GMV Movember effort was initiated in 2011. Our male team members use this month as an opportunity to fill formerly-vacant ad space above their upper lip as a walking, talking billboard for a great cause. Our ladies, or Mo Sistas, encourage the special fellas in their life to grow a mo, see a doctor, and take their health seriously.

To get “mo” information about the Movember movement, including its operating principles, mission, and stats on men’s health, please visit http://us.movember.com/.

In lieu of growing your own ‘stache (or, of course, in addition to growing your own ‘stache), please consider a small donation to our Movember team page – GM Voices: Your Mo to the World.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay-up-date on any moustache articles, videos, or pictures we post.

LIABILITY WAIVER: GM Voices would like you to grow a moustache for Movember, but we will not be held liable for the constant (aggressive) advances of single women, your spouse/girlfriend as applicable, and the occasional wild animal (usually a bear or other predatory beast) that mistakes you for alpha pack leader. Pro tip for unwanted attention: A polite “no, thank you” will suffice in most instances; please consider repellent spray for non-human interactions. Or just growl. They will leave you alone. By growing a MO, you do so at your own risk, and absolve GM Voices of any and all liability.

The ladies at GM Voices are team players.
The ladies at GM Voices are team players.

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