Providing Brand Consistent Voice Navigation for GPS and Telematics

GM Voices Delivers High-Quality Voice Prompts for any Automotive Application

There are many GPS systems in the marketplace, from high-end, in-car applications to consumer-grade devices. Some sound good, many sound bad, and a few sound ridiculous (Mr. T, Yoda). “Turn right, you will.” While some may enjoy taking their directions from a little green man, the majority of us would prefer to get our directions from a real, natural-sounding individual, one we can connect with. That’s where GM Voices comes in. GM Voices helps car brands and developers deliver a natural, crystal-clear sound that enhances the driving experience.

There’s a reason why GM Voices is the voice provider for so many of the industry’s top telematics developers; we always deliver a high quality, consistent product. From script review and production, to sound quality and voice talent selection, we take pride in everything that goes into creating our voice recordings.

Recording for telematics is different than recording for telephony (can you say hi-def), but the goal is basically the same—to provide users with a natural-sounding, brand-consistent experience. Our world-class technology and top of the line production team (featuring a renowned twice-editing process) assure that our audio files deliver flawless playback on all high-fidelity audio systems.

Ready to learn how GM Voices can help improve your in-car navigation experience? Watch our short presentation to see how easy it is, and then contact us today!

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