Neutral Spanish: The Way of the Future

Like English-Speaking Americans, Spanish-Language Consumers Prefer an Increasingly Prominent Voice Standard

For centuries, Americans of European origin have slowly melded into what’s generally perceived to be a standard “American” cultural identity. And while regional dialects and accents persist to some degree, the US English language has accordingly transitioned into a standardized neutral voice. You know the sound, of course. It’s the style of our news anchors, our TV spokespeople, and for GM Voices’ sake, our automated phone systems.

Well, the same thing is happening to Spanish-speaking Americans. GM Voices has long advocated its Neutral Spanish style. This is a generalized standard that works best for disparate groups of Spanish-language callers. It’s really the most effective way to optimize your caller contacts; a catch-all for customers who may be of Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican or Continental Spanish origins.

And now it doesn’t seem limited to corporate branding and customer service. Just like English-language entertainment figures, Spanish-speaking actors and personalities are now being instructed to conform to the neutral standard to best connect with an increasingly consolidated cultural cross section. Miami-based Telemundo is just one example of this shifting strategy, a migration that will only be more pronounced as the US’ Spanish-speaking population grows and different cultures blend just like their Euro-based predecessors.

Of course, it should be noted that GM Voices has helped companies understand this cultural shift and enhance its automated contacts for many years.

Check out this video of a GM Voices neutral Spanish voice talent reading a script about our value proposition.

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