Movember Means Business

One Stache at a Time, GM Voices Is Bringing Awareness to
Men’s Health

Mustaches are no joke. We’re all aware only serious things get the privilege of having a name – babies, national monuments, businesses, and coffee – but who knew facial hair fell into that category. To help promote the Movember movement and encourage Mo Bros and Mo Sistas everywhere to participate, GM Voices has created the Stache Bash. This fictional event puts four competitors head to head in a battle of the staches and viewers get to vote on the winner! The first video is posted on the GM Voices Facebook page and the other ones will be released on there as well.

If you’re late to the Movember party, we won’t lecture you too much. This monthly event encourages men to take their health seriously and we support that 100 percent. Whether that’s encouraging yourself, friends, family, or co-workers, this is a month men embrace the gift they’ve been given – the ability to grow a mustache. And all for the sake of men’s health.

Watch the first two videos in the Stache Bash series here and keep this stache event going strong!


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