Moustaches of Distinction: 21st Century Cowboy Sam Elliott

That Righteous Flavor Saver Helps Him Taste the Rockies All Day Long

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For decades, Sam Elliott has made his bones as a throwback to a better, simpler America, when men were men and moustaches were symbols of status and potent virility. Elliott and that bushy horseshoe ‘stache are icons of Western and cowboy film and iconography. Rumor has it that Sam’s moustache is a quicker draw of the six-shooter than even the man himself.

And Elliott is no stranger to the world of voice overs. His is the voice of Coors, and he’s leant that measured Western twang to many companies seeking a Voice Brand imbued with charimastic manliness.

We at GM Voices crack open a can of ice-cold Coors Light and commend the moustache and talents of the incomparable Sam Elliott.

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