Going to the Movies: About Indian Languages and Dialects

GM Voices Provides Region-Specific, Multilingual Voice Recordings; Great for Phone Systems, Marketing Presentations and Video Localization

Over in Roswell, GA, one city south from GM Voices’ recording facility, we noticed “Navrang Theaters” displayed on the collected signage in front of a strip mall. We thought that was an interesting name for a theater, so we Googled to find out more. Turns out, Navrang is a small movie house that plays Telugu and Tamil language productions from India.

For India-based contact center deployments, almost all of our voice prompt recordings are in Hindi. It’s a unifying language among many more regional languages and dialects, so it makes business sense to record it as a first option.

However, other Indian languages are not to be overlooked. With India’s growth set to outpace China in three to five years, it’s no wonder so many businesses are making the leap into regional territory. While it’s no surprise that our international voice talents record in Hindi, we also record other Indian languages, including, yes, Telugu and Tamil.

Here at GM Voices, we’ve consistently provided authentic language translation for many international markets. We take pride in being able to translate and record your multilingual projects in a manner that ensures local market acceptance and credibility.

We know that how you say something, is just as important as what you say. That’s why we only work with certified in-country translators and reviewers to provide the most authentic customer experience. 

Need that script subtitled? We work with translators that specialize in script writing, as well as subtitling professionals, to translate your project into a culturally appropriate experience.

Looking to take your videos to an international market? GM Voices offers multiple dubbing styles to ensure your message makes an impact in international markets.

So, if you are in need of region specific dialect translation services contact GM Voices and see how we can be your voice to the world!

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