Give Your On-Hold Messaging System a New Identity

Keep Your Customers Interested Even While They’re Waiting

Most customers feel forgotten when a business puts them on hold. Often, the only indication that there’s life on the other line is the outdated music playing on a loop. Other times, callers are met with complete silence. Now, take a few minutes to let this soak in because you could be one of those businesses. But GM Voices is here to help because we’re certain our on-hold solution won’t leave your clients dangling on the line.

On-hold messaging is an ideal way to make a deeper connection with callers. While they wait to talk to a live person, they can hear about a current promotion, your business’s services, your company’s accomplishments, and the options go on. We can record the messages you need with a new, brand-consistent voice. This is your chance to turn what otherwise would be a disconnected, wasted interaction into an engaging, informational session. When a representative does pick up the phone, your messaging system may have already opened a door customers didn’t know was available.

Give us the opportunity to prove that our on-hold messaging can show clients you respect their time by letting them listen to what your company has to offer while they’re on hold.

In the short video below, see what Marcus has to say about on-hold messaging.

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