“Bueller, Bueller?”

Turning Your Customers Over to Automation? Do It Right or Pay the Price.

If you’re pressing your ear against the Voice Branding door because you’re trying to figure out what all the commotion is about, take a seat and we will explain. After this, you will want to reexamine the way your automated voice applications operate to see if you are sending the right message to your customers.

Do you struggle with the cost difference between having a live agent versus automation? Of course! It’s why you’re using automation in the first place! But it costs substantially more when callers despise an impersonal, non-professional voice and dial “0” to bypass the automation. To the tune of about $8 per live agent call compared to eight cents for a call contained in your automated system. Perhaps your current voice recording sounds like the teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, or for other reasons, doesn’t personify your company image. Unknowingly, your current voice recording may be pushing customers in the more costly direction of insisting on a live agent for even routine inquiries. It’s time to switch gears.

Our voice talent won’t leave your customers feeling as if they just stepped foot into a Terminator movie or Bueller’s classroom. We’re so confident in our system that our CEO Marcus Graham has written an in-depth book about it – Voice Branding in America.

You may not be the biggest company on the block, but that doesn’t mean your customer care can’t be top of the line. Give each caller the proper attention and show them they’re important by having a professional, brand-centric voice talent. We offer talented voice actors at economical prices, fast turnarounds, and unmatched quality.

Watch this video for a detailed look on how Voice Branding will give your company a new stance on customer care.

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