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How to Become a GM Voices Talent

(For an overview of the types of professional voice actors on our active roster, click here.)

Thank you for your interest in GM Voices! We are always looking for new voices to add to our talent pool and to increase the versatility and quality of our offerings. We have an established group of voices that we work with regularly, but you never can tell when we’ll need you!

GM Voices hires established voice talent or actors to create the voice prompts, narration and creative services we provide to our clients. There are two main categories of voice talent:

  1. Established
  2. Aspiring
Established Voice Talent

An “Established” voice talent has been working commercially as a talent for some time…typically a few years. They have a demo where you can hear samples of their work. The demo ideally should not have any music or background, just your voice. Please browse our voice demos and this will give you a great idea of what we’re looking for.

Please send us your demo via e-mail (in MP3 format) to: audition@gmvoices.com or mail it to:

GM Voices
Attention: Talent Manager
6515 Shiloh Road
Suite 300
Alpharetta, GA 30005

We’ll listen to your demo and if there’s a potential match, we’ll request an audition with our directors.

GM Voices works with many voice actors who visit our studios in person, but most of contracted performers connect remotely via Source Connect, ISDN, or phone patch, both from in-home and partner studios all over the world.

Aspiring Voice Talent

An “Aspiring” voice talent wants to be a voice talent. They don’t have a formal demo. Perhaps they have some drama experience or maybe even recorded the messages on their employer’s automated phone system. Friends have commented that they have a great voice. Never say never, but as a general rule, we cannot use non-professional talent. If voice over isn’t what you do for a living, keep reading…

How to Become an Established Voice Talent

You’ll need to create and package a demo to distribute to potential customers such as ad agencies, production firms, and companies like GM Voices. Most established voice talent work with many companies that need voices.

Below is one of our preferred voice coaches in the Atlanta area. She may also be able to refer you to someone in your area.

Judith Sullivan | 404-261-9778 | www.judithsullivan.com

It’s long and arduous journey, but it can be lots of fun. If you decide to create a demo, be sure to send us a copy. Who knows, you may have just the sound we’re looking for!

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