Persona Development/Voice Branding

Our voice personas add depth, warmth, and personality to automated voice greetings, making transactions feel more like conversations.

For so many technologies and applications—IVR/telephony, E-Learning, Web video, mobile apps, chat bots, and more—the voice is your company’s modern-day “front door” and one of its most important customer touchpoints. So, shouldn’t you have a professional, natural-sounding Voice Brand to greet and guide your customers and users? With brand-centric, ready-to-load voice files from GM Voices, you’ll notice an improvement in self-service and satisfaction. Here’s how we create unique voice personas for companies.

Persona Development

It’s more than just a voice talent in the studio. We’ll create a character to articulate your company’s most positive attributes and build your brand identity.
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Voice Brand Audits

GM Voices helps bridge the gap between the marketing and information technology teams so that companies can create and maintain a consistent Voice Brand throughout the enterprise, reinforcing the brand identity at every customer touch point.
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What Is A Voice Brand?

Your “brand” is built one contact at time. Your “Voice Brand” is built one phone call at a time. Voice Branding specialists, GM Voices helps companies interact with customers with a friendly, brand-centric sound.
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We Wrote The Book!

Since it was published in 2005, Voice Branding in America has become the quintessential guide for making automated voices consistent with your brand.
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