GM Voices: Your Voice to the World

Voice-Over Specialists, GM Voices Helps Companies Put a Human Touch on Voice Menus, Voice Prompts, and Automated Voice Technology.

blonde_talent_smallIndependent and unbiased, period. Our clients work with us because they see the need for platform-neutral solutions. The GM Voices agenda is about not having an agenda. We improve the caller experience without any hidden goals to sell more hardware or software. The voice is what callers interact with, not a CPU.

Our persona creation process, production team, and stable of voice talent and voice actors make your speech applications work more effectively day in and day out.

GM Voices has produced millions of voice prompts and greetings in its audio recording studios. As technology has progressed from simple after-hours voice mail messages to speech recognition driven Interactive Voice Response (IVR), GM Voices has provided its voice actor solutions to Fortune companies around the world.

With a stable of voice actors and partnerships with many IVR, speech recognition, and computer telephony companies, GM Voices helps its customers put a human touch on voice menus, voice prompts, and automated voice technology.

Our natural-sounding voice personas can have a huge impact on IVR containment rates and overall caller experience.