Voice Branding for FacilitySource

Bilingual Recordings to Match a Broadcast Ad Campaign

About FacilitySource

FACILITYSOURCE-2NOREGFacilitySource offers companies with large, dispersed real estate portfolios an innovative, high-quality alternative to traditional facility support solutions. FacilitySource encompasses the very best in real-time facility support software as well as robust transaction centers for customer relations and service provider management.

Project Parameters

FacilitySource sought to improve its automated customer experience, and it recognized professional voice prompts as an essential component of that upgrade. Creatively, FacilitySource was looking for a sound that closely matched the branding of a primary client, and particularly a recent broadcast campaign. With a huge selection of voice-over artists, GM Voices was up to the challenge to find a complementary voice.

Voice Selection and Recording

GM Voices worked with FacilitySource on both voice selection and scripting, identifying Joachim’s cool and commanding sound as the best Voice Branding fit. An added benefit was Joachim’s bilingual voice acting; as both an English and Spanish speaker, he could record the complete application and deliver a consistent experience to callers in both languages. In several directed sessions, Joachim recorded FacilitySource’s automated attendant greeting and IVR messaging in his unmistakable style.

The Final Word

Initial feedback from the recording sessions was very positive. “I attended the session and was impressed with how professional it was,” said Shawn Burton, Business Intelligence Architect for FacilitySource. “Joachim is a wizard! I’m really excited.”

In translating the English script to Spanish, he added: “I was just commenting today how great GM Voices is and used the level of engagement of the linguists as an example. I’m really glad we’re doing business with you!”

About Voice Branding

Voice Branding is a concept coined by GM Voices, describing the process of creating a brand-consistent voice persona to match a company’s other customer touch points. GM Voices brings to life custom personas in specialized Voice Branding Initiatives, where the overall brand, customer profile, and sales and automation objectives are evaluated and incorporated into the creative process for voice selection and recording. Contact us today for more information.