Pre-Event Multimedia for PACE

Customer Engagement Association Leverages GM Voices’ Video Solutions to Stay On Message Throughout the Country

About PACE

PACE, the Professional Association for Customer Engagement, is the only non-profit trade organization dedicated exclusively to the advancement of companies that use a multi-channel approach to engaging their customers, both business to business and business to consumer. These channels include contact centers, email, chat, social media, web and text. While founded on contact center operations and technology that fuels these centers and businesses that use these services, PACE recognizes that the digital transformation has forever changed the way in which our member companies engage their customers. PACE is passionate about growing businesses by improving the customer experience at the point of engagement.

The Need for a Consistent, Branded Story

As a longtime sponsor and exhibitor at PACE events, GM Voices and PACE have a great working relationship. In fact, GM Voices has produced several promotional videos that help PACE drive attendance to its national conference and regional events. With past collaborations being a success, PACE engaged GM Voices to create a video for its seven local chapters, a friendly, informational message that would both serve as a introduction to non-members, and reinforce the value of PACE local events to current members. After a quick brainstorming meeting, GM Voices had the direction it needed to begin scripting and storyboarding.

Video Rollout and Results

GM Voices delivered a short, engaging graphical video that welcomed PACE chapter event attendees, reminded viewers of the many benefits of their PACE membership, and encouraged them to become even more involved in local and national events. Clocking in at just under two minutes, it provided a quick complement to the board members’ opening remarks at PACE chapter events. “You all do such a good job and amaze me every single time,” said Christine Haerich, SVP of PACE. “Our chapters are the cornerstone of our association; this video reminds our membership that we’re here to help them grow in their business community and career, and that the event they’re attending will improve them as a customer engagement professional.”

GM Voices’ Graphical Explainer Videos

Colorful and engaging, GM Voices’ explainer videos help businesses and organizations tell a better story. Featuring friendly, professional voice narration, branded colors, and lots of pictures and graphics, our video solutions cut through clutter and make sure your message is reaching your audience. For more information on how we can enhance your business storytelling efforts, contact us today at or 770.752.4500.