Delivering a More Engaging, Effective Event Demo for SpeechStorm

How Creative Audio Scenarios Enliven Your Presentation and Communicate Better Business Value

About SpeechStorm

speechstorm_g-forceSpeechStorm® is a leader in voice and mobile customer experience applications, helping organizations of all sizes make everyday tasks easier for their customers using personalized Interactive Voice Response (IVR), speech and mobile applications.

The Usual Business Presentation

We all know how presentations go at large conferences. Outside of high-profile keynotes and maybe a CEO, multimedia is minimal. And that’s unfortunate, because too many speakers and businesses hoping to make a splash bore their audience with the same old dry PowerPoint content. SpeechStorm, GM Voices’ partner, was already ahead of the curve at G-Force 2013 Boca Raton, using audio playback to demonstrate how different voice ‘personas’ could personalize the interaction between a customer and a self-service ‘food pairing’ application. The scenario walked a customer through the process of choosing dishes that best complemented his preferred beer. The presentation went well, but having used text-to-speech voices for most of the content, the scenarios weren’t as lively and engaging as they could have been. Recognizing this, SpeechStorm engaged GM Voices to better showcase their functionality in a similar scenario for the G-Force Vienna event, occurring just a month later.

Recording with a Friendly, Natural Sound

GM Voices reassigned the TTS segments to a range of talented voice actors. A natural-sounding performance would be important in two respects: first, for the engagement and entertainment of the audience at G-Force, a varied mix of the Genesys ecosystem; but also for the greater quality consideration of the interaction, itself a representation of how well SpeechStorm would integrate with Genesys solutions and deliver a great experience to users of the technology. In addition to the improvement in voice quality, the natural recording provided more efficient pacing, reducing the length of the recording by 13 seconds.

The Result: One Great Demonstration

So, how was the improved recording received? Said Damian Kelly, VP of Sales and Marketing for SpeechStorm: “I just wanted to say thanks again for the recording, which sounded fantastic on the main stage at G-Force Vienna yesterday. I made sure to tell everyone who did it for us!”

All in all, a top-shelf production that was received very well and opened several new doors for SpeechStorm.

Compare the “before” and “after” audio scenarios for yourself.

SpeechStorm Event Demonstration
GM Voices’ Recordings for Events and Live Demos

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