Bendin Sumrall & Ladner, LLC v. PowerPoint Presentations

Creating an Engaging, Informative
PowerPoint Presentation

About Bendin Sumrall and Ladner, LLC

Bendin Sumrall and Ladner, LLC is a civil litigation firm located in Atlanta and the founding partners bring over 65 years of experience to the table. They practice general liability, professional negligence and medical malpractice defense, and construction litigation. Each partner and associate specializes in one or more fields and they’ve gained the trust of clients that include reputable Atlanta hospitals and national construction companies. To read more about their firm, visit

A Close Look at the Evidence

A presentation speaks volumes for what your company represents and the perceived quality of your product or service. Whether you’re aware of it or not, an audience can tune out after the first slide. It’s an uncomfortable situation businesses want to avoid, but it’s one they find themselves in too often. But when GM Voices’ creative services enter the picture, we transform dry or stale presentations into engaging storytelling devices that better complement your talking points.

Many businesses make the mistake of overwhelming their audience with text-heavy slides, but we’ll go through the content in detail and remove unnecessary elements that distract from the main point. When it comes to visual appeal, graphics can improve your presentation only if they’re used appropriately; GM Voices ensures that the pictures and graphics supplement the story, not detract from it. And we work with you to make sure you receive the final product by the date you need it.

Before the Gavel Drops

We understand what it takes to produce work that maintains the audience’s attention from the beginning to the end, without losing focus. Working directly with Melanie Taylor, a partner at Bendin Sumrall and Ladner, LLC, she explained this presentation was a crucial tool she used when speaking to one of her clients, a medical team at a major Atlanta hospital. The original presentation featured out-of-date images, a plain background, slides with a paragraph of text, and minimal animations. After finding out what she wanted, our creative team got to work. The result included high-quality pictures, animation that was relevant to the slide content, and less text on the slides. According to Taylor, the finished product was unrecognizable from the original, but in all the right ways.

The Verdict Is In

When it came time to present the PowerPoint, “Both the quality and turn-around time far exceeded my expectations and my audience was impressed,” said Taylor. The jury’s unanimous verdict is that the final PowerPoint was a meaningful and monumental improvement over the original and GM Voices can do the same for you!

About GM Voices’ Creative Services

Turn to GM Voices to make sure your story is told the right way. Our creative services include script writing, business video animation, and PowerPoint and graphic presentation design. We offer all of this and more for a price that’s within your budget. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, contact us today at 770.752.4500 or