Voice Prompts for IVR and Telephony

GM Voices’ Business Model Is Built Around Keeping Your IVR Sounding Great Over Many Years of Updates

spanish-talentGM Voices has been enhancing automated messaging for telephony applications for over 30 years. In fact, it’s what we were founded on. Our first projects were centered on after-hours recordings for stores and offices, and we’ve grown step-by-step with business phone technologies, serving the industry through the growth of on-hold messaging, IVR, speech recognition, Text-to-Speech, global contact centers, multichannel communications, and beyond. While anyone with a microphone can record voice prompts, no voice provider is as well equipped to provide your organization with professional, natural-sounding voice recordings throughout the life of your IVR or contact center application. From voice variety to account management, support, and recording updates, we ensure that your phone system sounds great, from the first voice implementation to 10+ years after deployment.

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Making Your Automated Customer Experience Consistent with Your Brand

Touchpoint Iconsare crisp, engaging, and professional. But if you pick up your telephone and call your company like a regular customer, can the same be said of your voice experience? GM Voices helps companies develop a brand-consistent voice persona that matches the high-quality image of your brand in the marketplace. When it comes to Voice Branding for telephony, we wrote the book. Literally!

Any Sound, Any Style, Any Language

There’s a reason why so many Fortune 500 companies work with GM Voices to support the voice and language needs of their contact centers around the globe. Our voice talent roster is huge, our engineers and creative team can guide and cajole them to deliver spot-on performances, and with a global network of accredited translators, we’re able to support your translation and voice recording needs in over 100 languages and dialects.

Maintaining Consistency Over Many Years of IVR Updates

GM Voices contracts its voice actors for long-term availability. Further, many of our talent record in recurring weekly sessions, giving you peace of mind and making it super easy to plan your production process. Just send a script the day before your voice actor records. In most cases, your audio will be delivered the day after the recording session.

Weekly Sessions at GM Voices

Before any recording updates, GM Voices always plays a reference file from the original recordings so the voice actor can reassume the sound, pace, and style of the persona. So, whether your IVR is 10 months old or 10 ten years old, we ensure that your voice files will be seamless for the life of the application.

We Know Your Technology

GM Voices works with every IVR platform provider, most in strategic partnerships. We know exactly how to format, label, and deliver your voice files for maximum upload efficiency and convenience. Talk to us about any special formatting or organizational preferences; we work with IVR and technology teams every day, and we’re here to support you in a successful IVR implementation or update.

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