Voice-Over for Video: Enhance Your Production in Any Language

Comprehensive Services Help You Better Connect with Your Viewing Audience

vo-for-video-laptopA successful video, whether it’s an advertising piece or instructional tutorial, engages its audience with effective visuals and audio. You may have a great-looking video, but is your narrator (or voice actors for multiple characters) delivering your message in a professional and brand-consistent way? GM Voices’ Voice-Over for Video services ensure that your multimedia production connects with your viewing audience in any language. Just provide your video file—we’ll enhance your audio with crisp, clear voice-overs, subtitles, royalty-free music and sound effects.

Video Localization

Do you have a great video production in English? Get even more traction from your content by localizing it for international markets. Whether your video features an off-camera narrator, or even on-screen actors, GM Voices delivers locally-authentic translation, voice recording, and post-production services that help you make an impact in new markets.

  • Voice Narration — Replace English audio track with international language narrator (learn more)
  • Voice Dubbing — Multiple styles; replace/supplement voices with new language (learn more)
  • Subtitling — Tasteful text display of new language (learn more)
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