Video Testimonials

With our comprehensive Business Storytelling services, GM Voices helps companies tell their stories more effectively using video, voice narration, sound effects and music. We can package video in many ways, but we’ve found that testimonials from your customers, in their own voices are very compelling and more authentic. The most efficient way to obtain these powerful stories is through interviews conducted by our production team in our video studio.

Generally, we use professional voice actors to carry the bulk of your story. The short interview segments can be tastefully integrated to enhance your credibility and authenticity with your audience.

Living Room Set   Conference Room Set

Custom-built sets at GM Voices’ studios – Living Room and Conference Room.

Why a Video Testimonial from GM Voices?

  • Your customers are your most believable salespeople
  • Real people speaking in their own voices gives you credibility
  • High-quality videos in a ready-to-use format

Where Can the Videos Be Used?

  • Company Website
  • Social Media
  • Sales Presentations
  • Corporate Events
  • Multimedia Training Programs

How Do You Get Started?

  • Complete the interview Electronic Order Form (EOF)
  • Provide list of names, phone numbers and
    email addresses of satisfied customers, partners, staff on form
  • Provide our production team with a list of interview questions

Why a Video Testimonial from GM Voices?

  • Email program overview to the interviewee with questions
  • Suggest several interview times
  • Coach interviewee for an engaging testimonial
  • Edit video into usable sound bites

To see some of the interviews we’ve recorded, you can watch the sample video below.

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