You What, Mate?

These Words Mean One Thing Stateside, But Something Else Across the Pond

Looking at the two images below, what would you call the image on the left? How about on the right? In America, we know the image on the right as a trolley, but believe it or not, that’s also what the image on the left is known as in Britain. Details like this are things our translators pay attention to, because using words in the wrong context can make a big difference! To see some more examples, take a look at the list we put together below.

trolley pic

Chemist Pharmacy
Zip Fastener Zipper
Windscreen Windshield
Inch Small Scottish Island
Grammar School High School
Fluid Ounce 0.9606 U.S. Fluid Ounces
Death Duty Inheritance Tax
Deposit Account Savings Account
Current Account Checking Account
Cupboard Closet
Anti-clockwise Counter-clockwise
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