Outlining the Basics: Creating an IVR Script in a Different Language

Learn How to Write an IVR Script That Works for Your Target Language Audience


It isn’t difficult to put an IVR script together, right? Actually, the process is more involved than you may think, especially when developing an application that will be used for more than one language. It’s imperative that your script and voice user interface (VUI) be localized for your calling audience. Here are few helpful pointers for making this process a smooth one.

Establish your purpose. Remember, your customers are calling you because they need information or assistance. IVRs are designed to help callers achieve a goal as soon as possible. Refrain from adding unnecessary verbiage or clauses—less is more in IVR (and less to be lost in translation)! A translation is only as good as its source text!

Context is crucial. Translators work on many projects, and while most of them work in areas specific to their education and experience, no one knows everything.

To learn more and see an example of what we’re talking about, click here.

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