Eeny, Meeny, Miny or Moe, with Which Translator Shall Our Project Go?

GM Voices Helps Narrow Down Your Choices
When It Comes To Picking a Translator

We understand how time-consuming and exhausting it can be to choose an appropriate linguist for your project. That’s why GM Voices is committed to a process that provides you with peace of mind. Here’s how we eliminate the guesswork from translation projects:


  • Provide a pool of four equally accredited linguists for your project.
  • Offer a text test (less than 250 words) for each linguist.
  • Compare the results and choose the best linguists for the job!

It’s that simple. Once you’ve selected your team, GM Voices can connect you with your linguists so you’ll be able to:business team around computer

  • Set up conference calls and/or Webex sessions between linguists and your internal team to discuss potential issues before a project kick-off.
  • Skype with your linguist to answer language-specific questions about software during production.
  • Once production is near completion, linguists can test your product for local market credibility and provide feedback for overall user-experience.
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