SpeechTEK 2010: Magic in NYC

Voice Prompt Wizardry in Any Language,
Any Market

SpeechTEK 2010 is in the books! We had a great time meeting everyone—hopefully the outfits weren’t too intimidating! If we didn’t get a chance to explain in person, our Harry Potter theme was based on a pun (we love puns at GM Voices): “With voice prompts, translation and localization in any language, GM Voices gives your company a magical customer experience.”

Passport for Prizes Winner: Joel Van Over, US Airways

Consolation Prize Winner: Shabrenda Davis, IRS (Tennessee)

While we’ve got you here, make sure to to visit some of our helpful online resources. Sample our voice talent and languages:

Full Media Player of Actors and Languages
Quick Voice Samples Landing Page
Quick Voice Persona Landing Page
Quick Narration Landing Page

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