Struggling Telecom Salesman Becomes ‘King of IVR’

GM Voices Helps Him (and Partners) Get Meetings, Win Business, Buy Islands

Alpharetta, GA – GM Voices, the worldwide leader in professionally-recorded voice prompts for IVR, speech recognition and other automated voice systems, has been credited with elevating a junior telecom salesman to the position of VP of Sales after an unprecedented run of new IVR contracts.

A few years ago, Champ Cash was struggling to make ends meet. Though he was offering the best self-service technologies, he couldn’t close. His pitch lacked “pop.” He had nothing to offer for the up sell. Until he met GM Voices.

GM Voices gave Champ a complimentary assortment of strategic sales tools; among them, audio VisionClips, recorded call scenarios that show prospects how much better their caller experience would be with new technology, improved scripting and an upgraded Voice Brand. GM Voices specially recorded the audio for Champ’s unique prospect, a large healthcare provider. Champ got the deal, the first of dozens he now gets every week of his very successful life.

“No big deal. This could be you,” said Champ, sipping a mimosa from his luxury yacht. “GM Voices is always happy to help partners in their prospecting. Get them involved early and see how they bring your technology to life. I used to get doors slammed in my face. Literally. It hurt. Now I get red carpets and signatures on the dotted line, and those feel fantastic.”

GM Voices wants to help IVR salespeople with their next opportunity. The association may lead to the purchase of exotic real estate. Added Champ: “I bought my own Caribbean island, just like Johnny Depp.”

IVR salespeople/island enthusiasts are encouraged to call 770.752.4500.

About GM Voices

Since 1985, GM Voices, Inc. has emerged as the global leader in professionally-recorded voice, language localization, persona development and Voice Branding solutions for Fortune 1000 corporations worldwide. Dozens of voice actors record in their studios each week, providing clients a consistent voice for any application. A hundred languages and dialects are offered. GM Voices invented the term and concept of Voice Branding, a single-voice customer experience consistent with a company’s brand image.

Press Contact

Matt Strach
Brand Manager

GM Voices, Inc.

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Suite 240
Alpharetta, GA 30004
TEL: 770-752-4500
FAX: 770-752-4545

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