GM Voices Featured on American Public Media

Recording Session, Interview Segments on Marketplace

American Public Media Marketplace logoGM Voices was featured on the January 4, 2011 episode of American Public Media’s Marketplace program. Our segment, discussing the importance of providing callers with a friendly and brand-consistent automated voice, includes a short interview with CEO Marcus Graham and a recording session snippet with Senior Audio Engineer Alex Buckellew.

The program can be streamed in its entirety on the Marketplace website. The page also includes a text transcript of the story. To skip ahead to the GM Voices story, click the “Listen to This Story” button under the Aflac duck.

“What’s happening is these large companies are realizing that they’re turning their relationships over to these automated systems, and they do warrant time and energy to make sure it’s a pleasant exchange and experience,” said Graham.

The episode can also be downloaded here (story begins at the 22:50 mark).

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