Enterprise Integration Group and GM Voices Bring IVR Workshop to Las Vegas September 22-23

High-Value, Two-Day Event Delivers Essential Information for Deploying and Maintaining a Customer-Friendly IVR

ALPHARETTA, GA – GM Voices, the world’s largest producer of professionally-recorded voice prompts for automated technologies, is partnering again with Enterprise Integration Group (EIG) to bring its successful two-day IVR workshop to Las Vegas, September 22-23 at the Platinum Hotel.

The workshop, called “The Changing Telephone Channel: Optimizing IVR and Speech Recognition in an Age of Smartphones,” is gearing up for its third presentation, after two successful runs in Atlanta this past December and March. EIG, an international provider of IVR consulting solutions, delivers most of the content-rich agenda, focusing on planning, designing, scripting and usability functions of an enterprise IVR deployment. GM Voices then supplements the agenda with Voice Branding overviews and a live, in-context recording session with a voice actor connected to workshop attendees via Skype.

“Our two-day workshop is where the best Voice User Interface designers in the world will show you how to make the automated voice channel at your company a great experience for every caller,” said Marcus Graham, Founder and CEO of GM Voices. “We hope to see you there.”

Visit EIG’s website to learn about the event and its takeaways, and register today to take advantage of early-bird discounts and special-event hotel fare.

About GM Voices
Since 1985, GM Voices, Inc. has emerged as the global leader in professionally‐recorded voice, language localization, persona development and Voice Branding solutions for Fortune 1000 corporations worldwide. Dozens of voice actors record in their studios each week, providing clients a consistent voice for any application. More than 100 languages and dialects are offered. GM Voices invented the term and concept of Voice Branding, a single‐voice customer experience consistent with a company’s brand image. For more information, visit www.gmvoices.com.

Matt Strach
Director of Marketing
770.752.4500 ext. 4525

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