ATD 2017 Recap

It Was Great Speaking with You in Atlanta!

atd2017With ATD 2017 being held in our backyard of Atlanta, GM Voices was excited to bring out many members of our team (Jay, Mike, E.J., Caleb) to connect with new and familiar faces and learn about all the innovative ways companies are using technology and media to better train and develop their talent. We’re glad we got a chance to chat with you!

The Winners of Our $50 Amazon Gift Cards:

Dat Nguyen, Canon USA
Angela Grant, Georgia Power

As you heard at the conference, GM Voices produces high-quality, professionally-recorded voice narration in more than 100 languages and dialects, helping organizations delivery compelling and impactful E-Learning content in all formats! Talk to us about making your CMS or LMS platforms and training modules better connect with your teams! Check out some of our E-Learning voices below!

See How We Enhance E-Learning Content

Listen to E-Learning Audio Samples

Chinese (Cantonese)







Browse Our Complete Library of Voice Samples!

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