Specialized Translations and Creative Design Services

Nuanced Content Adaptation for International Markets

Sometimes a simple word-for-word translation won’t do the trick. When your content requires a more technical or creative treatment, GM Voices goes the extra mile to flawlessly adapt your materials for an international audience.

Specialized Document Translationdesktop publishing

If your content relates to specialized fields of law, mechanical engineering, medicine, aeronautics or other technical field, GM Voices assigns your project to a translator versed in your specific industry.

Proofreading Client Translation

If you have an internal translation, or a translation from another provider, and there’s any doubt that it’s less than the very best, let our team of translators verify that your text (non-recording) is an effective as it can possibly be.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

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If you need an advertisement, catalogue or installation guide, GM Voices can expertly adapt your design or typesetting in the newly translated language. We can work with virtually any file format, including InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Literary Translation

Take your creative content—blogs, comics, magazines and screenplays—and give them a culturally-authentic adaptation. More than just translation, this services puts your work in the hands of a talented writer to make sure that any cultural references and colloquialisms are given an international spin to connect with the language audience.