VisionClips Close Deals

Strategic Presentations that Win New Business

GM Voices’ VisionClips are powerful sales tools that demonstrate the sound, feel and functionality of an IVR solution. Use these audio demos to show prospects how much better the call handling process would be with your solution.

VisionClips can be as simple as a caller/application interaction or a creative, multi-voiced mini-drama with sound effects and music. Creatively, the sky is the limit!

Customers are able to put themselves into the actors’ shoes and look to the solution offered in the VisionClip to help them in similar situations. Whether it’s a Flash movie, PowerPoint or a website, these are powerful sales tools with tremendous success ratios.

Here are just two examples of how VisionClips are used:
Persona Testing

As a part of the persona design process, VisionClips are very useful. The script design is based on a “Slice of Life” scenario. It’s not just reformulating the speech or rerecording a new voice. This emulates a live application–even taking advantage of new technology. If there is an upgrade to address, we will incorporate these technological advantages into the persona.

Product Support

Support a product with creative vignettes. These show your customers how your products and services can solve their business needs through real-life situational dialogues. The mini-dramas illustrate the difficulties customers have experienced before buying a “problem solving” solution; then re-visit them after they have incorporated your solution—problem solved!

“GM Voices has positively impacted my organization by helping me win business, in fact, not only in my organization but my shareholder value.”
– Mark Daley, Siemens Enterprise Networks